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I was thinking to myself what is the purpose of this blog? I have two other blogs “My Magic Garden” and “Peace 2009” Both of these have clear purposes but this blog is kind of a mixed lolly bag really.

Which is why this blog post is totally unrelated to the last and is about what I had for breakfast this morning! Kina on toast!! Yum!

Now if you have ever eaten kina before you will know that it is an acquired taste but it is nothing like you would have ever tasted before. The way the kina just slides down your throat…yummy…

But what I also wanted to say about the kina is thatย  sometimes you will find the shells on a beach – dry, spikeless and gutless but transformed into these amazing shapes with the most intricate patterns on them. Many an artist has used these for inspiration. I certainly have!

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Jo ๐Ÿ™‚


Well it’s about time that I entered some more korero into my blog, its been 7 months aaaaaa!!!

Am currently working on a major exhibition here in Aotearoa that will explore the effects that loss of land and colonisation has had on Maori in Taranaki and then I will also stage a similar exhibition for indigenous people all around the world so check out my new blog dedicated to this project…

In the meantime visit or to checkout my profile and some of my work. I am currently residing on the East Coast in the North Island of Aotearoa NZ.

painted kohatu Peace, Jo ๐Ÿ™‚

PS – I will return everyday if possible to update my blog even if it is to write one word or upload one photo, someone hold me to it!

dscf0221-custom-2.jpgharakeke seriesharakeke seriesharakeke series

Limited edition harakeke series 100/100 – photographs of flax on handmade flax paper

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