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I had a wonderful conversation with Phyl yesterday. We spoke about many things: healing self, balance, fear of greatness and Autumn as a time for renewal and change.

I have always loved the in between seasons of Autumn and Spring. They are my breath of fresh air that prepare me for the going in of winter and the coming out of summer.

I have just returned from being at the beach and enjoyed basking in the not too hot sun, feeling the breeze brush past my face and wondering…just wondering…

I started to do some writing and art exercises with my non-dominant (right) hand allowing myself to play and I was amazing at what was revealed to me…

…aging, anti-inflammatory

india, in there, intuition, indecision

not knowing who I am

what happened?

getting worse, spreading

spreading viral


damage to myself

I don’t want to walk yet but I’ve been told to run

how can they hurt me?

what are they doing to me?

Why not I keep saying why not?

questions and no answers

groused out by it all

wanting to be normal to be understood

to be listened to to be heard

always my intuition I listen to

all the time for people to trust me with that

Why is it still there?

and worse now more than ever?

Allow yourself to let go

to take a risk into the unknown

into the past

allow myself to hear and stop controlling

Break through to the other side

strong enough you know

you are

allow yourself to heal and be known

reach out and hold my hand

allow yourself to heal

I also did some drawing and as an artist I like to keep things within the lines and my lines have to be perfect so using my non-dominant hand was a totally different experience! My lines were free and it did not matter how they were placed upon the page and when I tried to stay within the lines I couldn’t! My hand was moving freely and at times uncontrollable.

The non-dominant hand can’t stay within the boundaries, it has to get out and be free.


It’s been two weeks since I posted my last blog so time for an update!!

SO much has happened in my busy big part of the world over these last few days. But first things first, I have to post some new photos of my latest art pieces. Yes! My photographic images on hand-made flax paper canvases are natural, sustainable art works that are good for me and good for the environment!photo on flax paper

I finally got to send these pieces off to two very cool people (well three people actually. Saul, Nikki & their son Toby Tahi) who really helped me to get my systems for my business going. It can be hard for any artist at the best of times to have any sense of structure (you know being creative and all – going with the flow, that kind of thing!) but I’ve realised after having a system in place, I could never be without it.

Workflow Group showed me how to increase my productivity just by having a few systems in place. I no longer sit there for hours with a piece of paper wondering where it is going to go. One rule is: handle each piece of paper only once!

I also learnt a valuable lesson which has probably been an excuse in the past for not being able to be creative at times and that is:

You can actually be creative at any time in any moment if you really want to! No more excuses about having artist’s block, or not ‘feeling’ creative.

Some people might not agree, but this has been my experience and as an artist who is in business, at some stage I need to say, “Ok, I will create because this is my ‘soul’ income. There can be no excuse and if I am really passionate about what I am doing, then how can there be blocks to this passion?

In saying this, I create because this is who I am, this is my passion and this will never change regardless of whether I get paid or not. The money just follows and I can attest to this!photo on flax paper

photo on flax paper - finished!

So anyway, these photos of my new work! Check them out here and let me know what you think 🙂

And don’t forget to check out my magic garden blog where I talk about anything and everything to do with my magic garden. And finally, peace2009 – my hope for peace in the world in 2009.


dscf0221-custom-2.jpgharakeke seriesharakeke seriesharakeke series

Limited edition harakeke series 100/100 – photographs of flax on handmade flax paper

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