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Today, more than ever, the world needs your vision.

If you do nothing else, simply learn how to move your art career
to the next level, so you can make an honest living doing what you
love, and inspire the rest of us.

And, yes, I do know how much gets in your way.

Because it’s the same day-to-day, survival stuff that gets in mine.

But you are the artist. You carry the banner of creativity high for
the rest of us. When you are successful, your art becomes our mirror.
It reflects the creative longing we all feel and desire.

Your art raises the important questions. It heals. The very diversity of its beauty calms our fears.

When you put your work in the world, shining, we all have another chance to see the deeper truth about who we are, and our collective, creative spirit.

Ariane Goodwin – creator of smARTist

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